Alessandro Ferrari

Alessandro is the chief marketing officer for RIMES Technologies Corporation, a global data management and RegTech solution provider, winner of Waters Technology’s best data provider to the buyside award for 12 consecutive years. Alessandro is in the process of launching RIMES’ first Diversity & Inclusion Charter.

He grew up in a small town in Northern Italy: Alessandro has always known he was different from his friends, and although he didn’t know what it meant, he had a sense he would need to leave Italy to be his authentic self, whatever that was.

Alessandro worked hard to make it happen: He got an internship with a company in the UK, and left Italy in the early nineties. London was an awesome place to come out (the parties!), he quickly made many friends, and his career started to happen.  Looking back, it seems as if he was able to leverage that ‘difference’ to his advantage. He was forewarned about homophobia in the workplace but thought that as long as he worked his hardest to prove his worth professionally, then people would just accept him,  regardless. He was right.

He came out in his first job, and never looked back. Alessandro states that “Being gay is not all of me, but is an important part of me: it has shaped some of my life choices”.

His suggestion is, be pragmatic: it is unlikely you’ll ever be able to successfully be somebody else, so you might as well be yourself. Different is good, use it!