LGBT Great calls on the investment and savings industry to support LGBT History Month

Tue, February 19, 2019

LGBT History Month has traditionally gone unmarked in the investment industry but this year LGBT Great is calling on all firms to embrace it by showing support for the #hereiam campaign. The #hereiam campaign is an active drive to achieve visibility of one thousand LGBT+ and ally individuals currently working within the industry and works collaboratively with the Diversity Project and other organisations.

What is LGBT History Month?

LGBT History Month is an annual celebration that provides learning and insights into the challenges facing the LGBT+ community. The aim is to primarily teach young people about the history of the LGBT+ rights movement and to promote inclusivity in modern society where a varied spectrum of sexuality and gender identity can be universally accepted and spoken about openly.

LGBT History Month is marked by schools, colleges and organisations who seek to increase understanding of the LGBT+ community through education.

LGBT Great’s Managing Director, Matt Cameron says:

“The theme for LGBT History Month this year is ‘Peace, Activism and Reconciliation’ and LGBT Great is calling on the industry to be ‘active’ in support for the LGBT+ community. This acts as a reminder of how far we have come and provides aspiring talent with confidence that they can find acceptance and support in the investment and savings industry”.

So far the #hereiam campaign has attracted role models from over fifty different investment companies in three different continents including LGIM, Northern Trust, Fidelity, T. Rowe Price and St James Place Wealth Management.

Robert Higginbotham, Management Committee Member of T. Rowe Price, comments that:

It is important that the asset management industry works collectively to address representation gaps and improve diversity and inclusion by encouraging individuals to feel comfortable. We are committed to supporting LGBT+ talent within T. Rowe Price and the wider industry in working with LGBT Great”.

Colette Comerford, Head of Inclusion Culture at Legal and General Investment Management, and member of the Diversity Project Steering Group, adds that:

This movement is gaining in influence and impact, empowering talented people who in turn help to demonstrate the value LGBT+ people bring to our firms and will encourage others to join in. I’m proud to work for LGIM with its inclusive culture, led by the leadership team, and which celebrated the first anniversary of L&GBT, LGIM’s LGBT+ network in November and as well as being a founding partner of LGBT Great.”

LGBT Great works with investment firms to develop bespoke LGBT+ inclusion strategies by executing innovative education, visibility and outreach programs.

LGBT Great’s Project Director, Peter M. Hall, adds that:

“All investment firms, however big or small, should recognise LGBT History Month in some capacity. This can be as simple as sharing a social media post or simply attending an event. This sends a powerful message to young people and reminds us all of the battles that have been fought and won. Such support can have a big impact for individual firms and enable them to resonate with future talent who is looking for demonstration of ethical leadership when considering a potential employer”.

Mark McNulty of the Diversity Project Advisory Council add comments:

“LGBT History Month reminds us how much progress has been made by the LGBT+ community but there is still more to do and this initiative by LGBT Great is another important step in raising awareness of the importance of providing a work environment where LGBT+ employees feel comfortable to be themselves every day.” 

LGBT Great is delivering a series of LGBT History Month workshops in February to mark this important time for the LGBT+ community.