The Power of Blockchain in Pursuit of LGBT Rights – 15th February 2018

Thu, February 15, 2018

Location: The Office Group, Henry Wood House, 2 Riding House St, Marylebone, London W1W 7FA.



·         Christof Wittig, President LGBT Foundation

·         Matt Cameron, Project Founder – LGBT Great


LGBT Great is thrilled to be supporting the launch of LGBT Token, a blockchain technology specifically designed to advance equal rights and the acceptance of the LGBT community.

The LGBT community globally offers a vast opportunity for people, customers and businesses. Yet we still live in a world where it is illegal to be LGBT in over 70 countries worldwide. We are committed to moving the LGBT agenda forward be focussing on the positives to enable progression towards making the world a more LGBT+ inclusive place!

LGBT Token does 3 things: LGBT Identity Management, LGBT Economy and LGBT Impact. The LGBT Token is issued by the LGBT Foundation, a not-for- profit organization with the mission to tokenize the Pink Economy and implement an economically significant digital asset which leverages an underserved 4.6 trillion USD market. The LGBT Foundation will drive the adoption of the LGBT Token as a method of payment in everyday transactions across all businesses. From the outset, Hornet Networks, the instigator of the LGBT Foundation, will adopt the Token among its 25m LGBT users, some 10% of the LGBT community worldwide, and accept the LGBT Token as a means of payment for their services. Follow @lgbt_token on twitter!

LGBT Great will address the importance of LGBT History Month, the global and geographical challenges for LGBT+ inclusion and the huge potential of the ‘Pink Economy’.