One Year Birthday #getinspired Event

Thu, November 29, 2018

LGBT Great Celebrates One Year with Event at Macquarie 

Official Event Sponsor: Macquarie 

Official Event Supporter: Legal & General Investment Management 

Location: Macquarie Investment Management, Ropemaker Place, 28 Ropemaker Street, London, EC2Y 9HD

Date: Thursday 29th November, 4.45pm – 7.30pm


This November 2018 marks one year since the launch of LGBT Great. What a year it has been! We will mark this milestone with a birthday event sponsored by Macquarie Investment Management in London. Our Founder and Managing Director Matt Cameron is delighted to be collaborating with Macquarie who featured in the Stonewall Top 100 Employers in 2018.

“LGBT Great’s event will be a fantastic celebration and demonstrates Macquarie's commitment to LGBT+ inclusion and will inspire other firms to follow. I am excited to bring together a collection of talent from across the investment industry and beyond, look back on our progress over the last year, explore the latest LGBT+ inclusion themes and unveil our objectives for 2019”.

The theme of our event this year is inspiration and we are certainly planning lots of variety to inspire you. You can expect music, lights and creativity! The event will open with an address from Leigh Harrison from Macquarie and who also sits on the board of directors. Karis Santander, Managing Director of Investment 2020, part of The Investment Association, will provide an inspiring overview of the fantastic work being done to attract more diverse talent into the industry at entry level.

The power of LGBT+ talent is largely unknown and we will provide a snapshot of why LGBT+ people are GREAT. To achieve this we will draw on latest research from global studies, social psychology and behavioural sciences to review a number of core themes; our aim is to give you some takeaways that you can use to inspire others around you. We also make some announcements which we are very excited to bring to you!

Throughout we will hear from leaders and guest speakers from inside and outside of the industry. Daniel  Wintertfeldt  from Reed LLP who will share some top tips from the InterLaw Diversity Forum. In addition, the retail sector’s David Walker-Smith, once voted GQ’s best-dressed man, will tell us about the great work happening in this dynamic sector and the brilliant Pips Bunce will contribute a series of insights from the progress being made at Credit Suisse. Afterwards you can enjoy a drinks reception and an opportunity to meet many new people and partake in our Role Model #hereiam campaign.

Our vision for the global investment industry is one that provides a fantastic environment for LGBT+ talent. LGBT+ inclusion is an opportunity for firms to demonstrate support for all inclusion. Intersectionality is a developing theme – but how can we make sense of it and how can use this to accelerate progress? How can we use stories to inspire and interconnect?

LGBT Great believes that there is a BIG opportunity to demonstrate that the sector is open to LGBT+ talent. To do this we need to inspire. Over the last year, we have made a great start in helping the sector to transform its perception by visualising many LGBT+ people who are currently enjoying a fantastic career in the industry. We must continue to build on this positive trajectory and take things to the next level.  


  • 4.30pm Welcome and registration 
  • 4.45pm Leigh Harrison, Senior Managing Director, Macquarie 
  • 4.55pm Matt Cameron, Founder & Managing Director, LGBT Great - welcome and hello 
  • 5.00pm Karis Stander, Managing Director, Investment 2020 - a new type of talent and the need for difference
  • 5.15pm Surprise speaker - 'the power of LGBT+ talent'
  • 5.30pm Learning from other sectors - live interview panel with Daniel Winterfeldt (Legal), David Walker-Smith (Retail) and Pips Bunce (Banking) 
  • 5.45pm Peter M. Hall, Project Director, LGBT Great - surprise announcement
  • 6.00pm Matt Cameron, Founder & Managing Director, LGBT Great - past, present, future. 2019 and beyond.
  • 6.20pm Guest Speaker, surprise announcement. 
  • 6.25pm Michael Marks, Corporate Strategy Director, Legal & General Investment Management 

So #getinspired and join us on November 29th to set the stage for the next 12 months and beyond.

We hope that you can make it.

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