Exploring the true nature of LGBT inclusion at work: Panel Debate - 7 February 2018

Wed, February 07, 2018

On Wednesday 8th February LGBT Great sat on an exciting panel debate which looked back at LGBT History. Being a Historian by background, our Project Founder, Matt Cameron provided an interesting perspective on the changing attitudes towards sexual orientation and gender identity over the last two millennium.

The event was attended by over 50 people representing lots of different sectors and organisations. LGBT Great promoted the upcoming developing of diversity and inclusion within the investment industry; we also presented the purpose of our project and shared ideas about best practice to create the broadest possible ideas.

The session explored the research which shows the importance of having both LGBT role models and allies but also how organisations have mobilised these.  We also considered the view that now that the UK has full equality what the priorities should be moving forward in developing LGBT inclusion. We concluded that that to really embed LGBT inclusion into the fabric of workplace culture that we needed to keep up and build on the momentum already started whilst focussing ‘diversity’ discussions on difference and innovation.