Diverse (tick) but not inclusive! 

Tue, October 23, 2018

Three-quarters of LGBT people want more support from companies—and not just for Pride.

In recent times an increasing number of asset management firms, along with other industries have been vocal in marking in marking Pride events across the country earlier this year – but is it enough?

The latest research by You Gov indicates that LGBT+ people would prefer businesses to actively implement networks that support LGBT+ employees and clients over actions such as ‘window dressing’ in paying to have a float at a Pride parade.

While the majority of LGBT+ people support brands using the rainbow pride flag in their marketing to show their support, a greater number would be more impressed by a company that introduced policies actively supporting LGBT+ employees or customers.

Even when organisations do mark Pride it is noted that they tend to play it “Safe”. 

A representative from Black Pride stated that “Every year that pride comes around, I see these companies coming out with these really disingenuous campaigns including LGBTQ+ people, in ‘support’ of pride, but many often neglect Black and people of colour (POC )from their campaigns, our trans and gender non-conforming siblings, our otherwise abled siblings, our muslim siblings". 

It is important when organisations mark LGBT+ notable dates like Pride, and this week, national coming out day, they do so from a position of being  authentically inclusive and representative of all diverse communities.

LGBT Great has launched the #hereiam campaign to the investment industry to encourage LGBT+ and ally talent to become visible. The campaign is encouraging firms and individuals to share the video and the hashtag #hereiam on social media to promote LGBT inclusion and visibility across the global industry.

Please get in touch with the team at info@LGBTGreat.com to support the campaign.  

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